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How To Care For Your Trinity Boutique Hair

Updated: May 7, 2023

So you've just purchased your Trinity Boutique Hair, now what?

Here are a few ways to keep your hair looking beautiful for a long time.


Always wash your hair extensions first before installation. You will be able to detect any issues with your bundles at this time. If you do, please contact us immediately to discuss the problems and we will resolve them accordingly.


After your install, brush your hair out thoroughly to remove loose hairs.

Washing your virgin Brazilian hair

Like our own hair, virgin human hair needs to be washed frequently. Usually, we suggest the hair can be washed and conditioned at least once a week. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products. Wash the hair in one direction, form the top to bottom. It is very important to hydrate your hair to give them enough nutrients and moisture, so that make your natural hair weave look healthy.

Drying your Brazilian natural hair weaves

When you finish the procedure of washing and condationing, it is necessary to dry your virgin Brazilian hair with a correct way. To avoid to frizz, please never rub your hair with a towel, instead, it is better to pat the hair to dry. It will be the best to let your hair air dry instead of blow dry. If you persist in using your dry blower on your hair, please ensure the blow heat is the lowest to reduce the damage for the hair.

Bed Time Care

  • Before going to bed, put your hair in one big high ponytail (pineapple), wear a satin scarf or bonnet.

  • After waking up, untie ponytail.

  • Spray hair with a water bottle and comb through section by section using a wide tooth comb starting from the roots to the top.

  • Scrunch hair gently.

  • Let air-dry.

  • Do not touch when wet. This causes the hair to get big and frizzy.

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